Lengths of


Classes normally take place twice a week. Which means you will receive two lessons a week. These can be scheduled at my teaching location or we can arrange private lessons closer to where you live at a nearby cafe or co-working space.


By booking a private lesson, you will be able to learn in a one-on-one setting at your own pace. This is great for students who are looking to pick up on the local language with individual attention given to their progression and immediate feedback available.


I teach up to 5 people at a time for group lessons. I don’t want the class to be too large and I want to make sure that each student gets the attention they need to progress in their studies.


Can’t learn in Chiang Mai or want to continue your lessons while you are away? Not a problem! With Skype and Whatsapp I’m able to teach you remotely. You don’t have to miss any time while you are away or traveling.


Tourist Class

Poweful 1 hour lessons available for anyone curious to learn.Perfect for those traveling trrough Chiang Mai and want a valueble experience by speaking Thai with the local community. In an hour you will be able to speaking Thai,learn culture tips and enhance your traveling experience in Thailand.

Short Term

Classes that are only 4-6 weeks in length. Normally under 16 hours.

Long Term

Learning for more that 8 weeks is available. This means any learning that is scheduled for more that 16 hours.

Groups of 2-3 people can receive an additional discount for long term courses.